A date with Hubby

Hubby and I went into London yesterday after dropping the Bear off to nursery.  

I’ve lived in London for many years but never quite made it to the V&A museum.  Hubby was keen so we jumped on the tube and made our way to South Kensington. 

There was no queue and the museum was relatively quiet at 11am.  We had a good browse around – very fascinating displays of furniture, weapons, busts and statues, items of clothing etc

It was lunchtime and we left the V&A museum to locate a little French cafe I had read about online, Raison D’etre.  We scored the last table after placing our order at the counter. A very popular place with young French students from the nearby French Institute. 

Very tasty mozzarella, avocado and tomato baguette and Caesar salad, washed down with delicious coffee. 

We hopped back onto the tube and wondered through Charing Cross to look for some old coin shops.  It started raining as well but we sought shelter and carried on to House of Fraser on Oxford St. A quick cuppa at their tearoom later, it was time to collect the Bear from nursery. 

A very leisurely day had. Hope you enjoyed our date, Hubby.

Tomato, mozzarella, olives and basil

A simple yet tasty lunch.  These were prized beef tomatoes from our garden, topped with store-bought mozzarella, olives, basil, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. 

When I was in Asia, the Bear and Hubby showed me the tomatoes ripening in the veggie plot via FaceTime. I was so pleased that they waited for my return to enjoy the fruits of our labour together.

Summer recap

How we are in the last week of September is beyond me.  Time and tide waits for no man certainly rings true.


I accompanied the bear on a school trip to a farm. She had fun feeding goats and rabbits, watching a cow being milked, playing with her friends and just generally enjoying the fresh air and break from school.

The Bear brought home a gingerbread man baking kit from school and we spent a whole morning mixing, rolling, cutting and making a good mess in the kitchen.


It had been 2.5 years since my parents saw the Bear and thought it was about time they came to visit! Luckily the weather was fantastic for the duration of their stay. Many trips to Oxford Street were done.  For their last weekend, we made a day trip to Oxford which was simply stunning.


A few days after my parents returned home, we flew to Ireland to see Grampy who was recovering from a knee surgery.  We were looked after really well and spoiled with delicious home cooked meals by Grampy’s partner B.  The weather remained fabulous and we did some lovely drives.

The other highlight of the trip was a visit to my good friend E. We are godparents to their eldest son  as they are to the Bear.  She had a blast meeting her godbrothers and we were once again treated to exceptional hospitality.

To mark my milestone birthday and our wedding anniversary, Hubby and I went to Copenhagen.  We stayed near Nyhavn and should we return in future, I would opt for the same location again.  We didn’t make it to Noma as it was a last minute trip. However good meals were had at Kompasset and The Almanak.

We missed the Bear terribly and couldn’t wait for our family holiday in France. The good weather continued, we consumed a copious amount of treats, and were regulars at our local Flunch! The Bear literally lived in her swimmers.

We were barely home from France when I had to make my first emergency trip to Malaysia in 19 years. We almost lost dad and the delayed flight of 16 hours was the worst experience of my life, not knowing what messages awaited me when I turned on my phone upon arriving in KL. Thankfully dad pulled through and is at home now recovering.


I really did struggle with maintaining my veggie plot this summer.  Seedlings died due to late frost and nothing really took off.  We harvested a handful of strawberries, a courgette, some beans, manger out and tomatoes.

Now that summer is over, we are looking forward to some quitter months before the excitement of Christmas kicks in.

Maggi kosong

Two weeks spent in Asia, and I’m struggling to get over jet lag.  Sleep deprived, disorientated, I cancelled lunch plans with an old friend.  A very sore throat as a result of overexposure to air conditioning, I crave something warm and soupy.  A slow cooked bone broth would be ideal except foresight isn’t a strength at the moment.

I remember a stash of comfort food in my press.  Something reserved for emergencies, or when I really can’t embrace (the pretence of) healthy eating.

Maggi kosong as it is known.  Instant noodles, curry flavour, no added extras.



The Elms Hotel – a family break

A rather long overdue post.  We spent a glorious break at The Elms Hotel in Abberley, Worchestershire in June.


I stumbled upon The Elms when googling family-friendly spa hotels in England.  The Elms didn’t disappoint.  From the time we checked in and throughout our three-night stay, service was warm and welcoming.

The grounds are very impressive – very well maintained, lawn games to get you out into the fresh air, there is a maze to explore and my favourite, a vegetable garden. The resident cat, George can be seen resting on the comfortable sofas after a hard day at work..


Our room was very spacious, a roll top bath which I indulged in every evening.  There was a Kids Club, with free daily 2-hour childcare, which left us free to swim and use the jacuzzi/steam/sauna facilities.  There is a small gym – whilst we had every intentions to use, the lure of the steam/sauna won.  I was tempted to book in for a massage or two, but that would have meant more time away from Hubby and the Bear.


Food – For breakfast, there was a simple selection of pastries, cereals, yoghurt, juice – and according to Hubby, anything more spells wastage.  Hot food can be ordered and we had eggs, ‘shrooms, beans on toast, porridge – all very tasty.  Service was always friendly and with a smile.

We had afternoon tea on our second day in the drawing room which was incredibly pretty.  Nowhere comparable to the likes of The Dorchester, but it was enjoyable.


The dining room is split into two – a formal section and a more casual, family-friendly room.  The menu is the same – some of the dishes are rather dainty and you may balk at the prices, but overall, it is worth being able to eat as a family with toddlers in tow.

Amenities are a drive away and we stocked up on treats at Tesco’s in Stouport.  Our room had a little fridge which was handy for storing fruit salads and yoghurt pots.

It was a very relaxing holiday.  We felt re-energised and the Bear had a ball.


Lellow Sumbarine

The Bear is growing up way too quickly.  The baby-ness is fast disappearing.  We don’t spend enough time during the day to notice the gradual shifts in her behaviour and vocabulary.  Instead it is all a bit binary.

The Bear’s grasps of words is endearing.  Blanklet instead of blanket, cubumber instead of cucumber and our favourite, lellow instead of yellow.

The Hubby played Yellow Submarine on the iPod yesterday which prompted a spontaneous sing-a-long by all.

We all live in a Lellow Sumbarine, Lellow Sumbarine, Lellow Sumbarine….

Please Bear, I know you’re keen to grow up but can we just hold on to Lellow for just a bit longer?

 Taking the biscuit…

We received an email from the Bear’s nursery last week reminding us to provide them with patch tested, well labelled sun creams ahead of imminent warm weather.

I obliged and the Bear didn’t have any bad reactions to the new cream (a factor 50 from Boots).  Hubby delivered said cream during the nursery run yesterday morning.

I was in a training course at work this week where coffee breaks meant tucking into lovely biscuits. I didn’t get to finish them and tucked the pack away in my bag.

Hubby SOS’ed me whilst I was on the train home yesterday evening to ask if I could collect the Bear from nursery as he was stuck in traffic. Luck was on our side as I just happened to be 15 minutes away.

I was delighted to see the Bear.  After a lovely cuddle, we set off hand in hand. As we turned the corner, she started crying, insisting we turn back for her new sun cream. There was no reasoning with the Bear. The new sun cream is for school, Mama will get you one for home. Noooooooo, waaaaahhh. She was inconsolable. So we turned around, me knowing full well that school was closed as I saw someone lock the door and drive away.  We ended up sitting on the nursery steps for 5 minutes whilst the Bear had a full blown tantrum.  I couldn’t connect to Uber either. With no other choice, I stood up and told her firmly that I was going home and started walking. Cue screams. 

Then I remembered the leftover biscuit in my bag… 

It worked a treat. Sun cream forgotten. Tears stopped. All was well again. 

The next time you politely decline the offer of that extra biscuit, think again.  Don’t underestimate the healing powers of a lemon puff!