Mid-week date night

So, normally on a Sunday night, hubby and I say goodbye to each other, ‘see you Friday’. No, we don’t live apart. Like most couples and families, we’re juggling work, life, hobbies etc and find that we really are catching up with each other on Fridays at 5.30pm.

After a rather blech (as my friend AC says) day at work, I figured a spontaneous mid-week date is what we both needed. Thanks to Orange 2-4-1, we scored a free ticket for the Ugly Truth. We stocked up on ice-cream and despite the lukewarm reviews the movie has received, I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it. Does anyone else think Gerard Butler is stockier than he was in P.S. I love you? I miss my regular doses of Kat Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy. New season starts in 2 months in the States, I think. Please don’t let Izzie and George die! I digress. Thanks to another BoGoF, we had a lovely meal in Zizzi’s. Perfect mid-week date.


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