U2 and Monday night weigh-in

Hubby and I met J&J for dinner on Saturday night. They’d been to see U2 in concert (we’re going this Friday) and there was talk of their playlist and whether Bad would be played. So, I piped up ‘Bad, as in a tribute to MJ?’ Ah yes, 4 years ago, hubby and I stood outside Croke Park with a sign that read ‘2 tickets wanted’ for U2’s gig. Dodgy ticket agent had let us (and several hundred people) down. A few hundred Euros later, we got in, and it was a gig to remember. 

Tickets for this year’s gig hadn’t arrived last week, so I rang Ticketmaster to be told that the tickets had been posted to Flat x, London. No streetname, no postcode. Hah.  So, we’ve to collect our duplicate tickets from the box office on the night of the gig. Never easy with U2. I just hope we get in. Also had tickets for MJ, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. RIP.

So, hubby and I started a diet three weeks ago. I was looking for the next project for the summer – I’d run 5k and 10k races in a space of 6 weeks’, we’d been on holidays, our house-purchase had fallen through and there were 2 months left in the summer.  We’re off to Oz in 4 months’ time for a few weeks, so I figured if we started getting in shape now, we’d be flaunting our beach bods in no time. Plus, with 4 months to go, I’m allowing a bit of contingency for relapse.

Monday night is our weigh-in night. We had lovely weather over the weekend, which was much needed after the weatherman owned up to the fact that he mis-predicted the BBQ summer. Anyway, we thought we’d make the best of it. Packed a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine, and trekked over to Primrose Hill. Jelly and trifle for pudding. A few hours later, met J&J – more wine and food were consumed.  So, let’s just say weigh-in didn’t go too well tonight for either of us.  Ah well, tomorrow’s another day.


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