U2 – a night to remember

The last time we saw U2 was back in 2005 in Dublin for their Vertigo Tour.  Hubby is a big fan, so I got tickets for the U2 360 Tour for his birthday.  The concert was on Friday at Wembley Stadium.  I had to collect my tickets from the box office, so my colleague AC and I travelled to Wembley together right after work.  The road to Wembley  was heaving! We collected my tickets, and went back to the tube station to meet our respective other halves.

I was starving and talked hubby into having some food beforehand. We found a gorgeous little Thai restaurant called Allso. I ordered Beancurd Phad Prik while hubby had Phad Thai. We settled for quick and simple food as we didn’t have too much time before the gig. Food was fabulous, and I’m already planning my next meal there!

After our meal, we rushed over to Wembley Stadium – it is such a huge venue, I found it all a bit  overwhelming and intimidating. Anyway, got over that pretty soon, and we found our seats. 3 rows from the front pitch. It was fantastic! The stage was set like a giant grab/spider and there was a 360 degrees screen  suspended above the stage which meant you could watch the performance from anywhere in the stadium. They were brilliant. We ( and everyone around us who had £150 per seat) stood up and danced for the entire 2 hour plus performance.  We enjoyed it so much that we’ve just bought tickets for tonight’s gig! My favourite songs were City of Blinding Lights, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Get on your boots, Walk on, Streets have no name, With or without you… They didn’t play Bad though.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again tonight. I must have walked about 5 kms to the stadium and back last night, so have to rest these legs for a few hours now. I’m also going to try and talk hubby into going for another round of Thai food at Allso before the gig! I hope the weather is as nice as it was yesterday evening.

Update : 23.30pm They played Bad tonight! Absolutely chuffed.

The giant crab!

The giant crab!

Stage lit-up - preparing for take-off!


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