A lobster meal…

Hubby and I used to go to a lovely little restaurant, the Blue Pacific on Finchley Road. We were deliberating on where to go for dinner a few days ago, and seeing that we were in the neighbourhood, decided to pay them a visit.

They were very busy for a Tuesday night, and we were seated at the last available table.  Hubby left the ordering to me.

For starters, we shared a portion of butterfly prawns cooked with chilli and curry leaves.

28 aug 09 017b


This is one of our favourite starters. The prawns were fresh, and the flavours of the chilli and curry leaves were simply amazing.  Hubby ate all the chillies and curry leaves!  I think there is a special ingredient/seasoning that is added to this dish, but I still can’t put my finger on it – a certain spice that reminds me of a barbecue flavour.

I hadn’t had lobster in ages, so I asked the waitress to recommend a good dish for us. She suggested lobster cooked in ginger and spring onion served on a bed of noodles. We didn’t need any convincing, so we went ahead and ordered this, as well as Kai Lan in oyster sauce.

We were bowled over by the lobster dish. The lobster was chopped into small pieces and we were well equipped for our battle with the claws with nutcrackers and thin forks. The flesh was quite meaty, but it took a bit of an effort to get it out of the claws. The bed of noodles soaked up the wonderful gingery, garlicky sauce with a hint of coriander. It was a messy dish, but we really enjoyed it.

28 aug 09 020b


I was so engrossed with the lobster that I forgot to take a photo of the kai lan dish. The vegetable was a good accompaniment to the main dish, fresh and crunchy. 

We skipped dessert and called for the bill which came to £46 including 10% service charge.

Blue Pacific on Urbanspoon


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