Last Sunday in August – Golf and roast

It was the last Sunday in August, and a bank holiday weekend.  We were still fairly tired after our weekend in Prague, therefore decided to stay in London for the weekend.

I was still achy from the gym the previous evening, but realised that summer was coming to an end and that we hadn’t played golf once. Hubby drove us to Horsenden Hill Golf Club for a round of golf.  The wager was that lunch was on the loser.

I was a little bit daunted by the crowd who were sat outside the bar, facing the 1st tee. Disregarding the fact that I hadn’t played in almost 2 years, I took a 3 wood to tee off. I sliced the ball to the right, it hit the trees and bounced back onto the fairway! The next 3 holes weren’t any better but I started warming up on the 5th hole.  Still, not good enough to beat hubby who is a far better golfer than I am.

We drove back home for a quick shower and change, and went into the city. A few weeks ago, before meeting our friends for afternoon tea, hubby and I had a few drinks in a pub in Mayfair called The Kings Head. 


end of aug 09 dinner 009We decided to give it a go for Sunday roast. Hubby ordered roast beef while I opted for lamb. Both were served with yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and parsnips, and some leeks.

I’ve never had leeks with roast and to be honest, have no desire to do so again. Give me carrots any day. Other than that, we both enjoyed our meals. 

end of aug 09 dinner 014b

We shared a dessert – banoffee pie. Although tasty, there was way too much toffee and too rich, even for hubby for has a notoriously sweet tooth.

We’ll definitely order the roast dinners again, but might give the dessert a miss. The roasts were priced at just under £8 per dish, and the banoffee pie was under £4.

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