TGIF! Although it was a 4 day work-week on account of Bank Holiday Monday, I still felt like I worked a full week. I’ve been clocking up 10 hour days at work – something I haven’t done on a regular basis since June 2005. So busy that I forgot we had an appointment with the solicitor this afternoon re our house purchase. Hubby had to go on his own, which he didn’t mind too much.

I met up with him in the O2 after work to catch up on the news. He had only been waiting 50 minutes for me, but had already drunk half a pint of Peroni, a glass of Jameson’s, and a coffee. I think he was celebrating getting closer to sealing the house deal.

I’ve been craving barbecued chicken all week, so I twisted his arm into going to Nando’s. I had left the camera at home therefore there are no food photos here. Hubby and I both had 1/4 chicken plus 2 sides. I opted for carbs – chips and spicy rice. Hubby ordered chips and corn on cob. The food was tasty and temporarily satisfied my craving.

My thoughtful colleague AC bought a box of mooncakes for me from her trip to Taiwan recently. I’m saving them for the weekend. I promised hubby that I’d cook chicken pie for our lunch tomorrow, so dessert’s sorted then!

I flaked out on the couch when I got home.  Watched a bit of the X-factor – I find it therapeutic while hubby thinks it is ‘mindless’ telly!

I think it’s early to bed for me tonight.


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