Lemon chicken

I had some lemon to use up (hence the cake in my previous post) and decided to make Lemon Chicken. I found a good recipe in Bill Granger’s Everyday, which I modified slightly as I didn’t have all the ingredients. I served it with ginger and pea rice (another Bill’s recipe) and omelette (this is just about the only type of egg I’d eat, provided it is served with chilli!)

lemon chicken 010b 


  • Finely slice 2 shallots
  • Beat 2 large eggs and season with salt and pepper
  • Heat up some oil in a pan
  • Fry the shallots
  • Once the shallots are brown and fragrant, add the eggs and swirl it around the pan
  • Check that the underside of the egg is cooked and flip it over so and cook for a minute

 lemon chicken 011



5 thoughts on “Lemon chicken

  1. Back when I went through a stage of semi-regularly ordering Chinese takeaway for dinner, we would always get a vege omelette to accompany our rice, lemon/chilli ginger and prawn dishes. I just never think to make omelette at home to accompany such dishes now, but knowing how good it is I am really appreciating what you’ve done here! Bill would be equally appreciative, I’m sure. He might even undo a few more buttons for you.

    • The omelette only takes a blink of an eye to cook. Make sure you use lots of onions, let it caramelise before adding the beaten egg (which needs to be seasoned with salt, white pepper). We have it very often with our meals. Funny, this is just about the only egg dish I like. Should I rename my blog, it would most probably be called hold the egg!

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