Cream tea and fish dinner

Hubby and I are trying to work through our Perth to-do list given that we have only a week left on our holidays. I wanted to have Chee Cheong Fun so we drove to Spencer Village in Thornlie. Now, it took me ages to locate Thornlie on our little map and I’m useless with directions anyway.  We must have taken the longest route ever but finally arrived at our destination after an hour on the road from East Perth having bickered most of the way over.

Spencer Village Food Court was closed for the rest of the week.

My heart sank. We tried to mend our broken spirits by having some cakes and coffee at this little bakery beside the food court – I think it was called Happiness in a Box (TFP, if you’re reading this, please correct me). I had a custard horn and hubby had an apple cream cake.

Th sugar buzz from the cakes was exactly what the doctor ordered, and we made our way back to East Perth soon after. We saw a sign for Perth City – 9km. It took us only 30 minutes to return to apartment, so god only knows what route we must have taken on the way over!

For dinner tonight, we went to Kailis Brothers restaurant in Leederville. There was a 36 hour marathon in their fish market next door ahead of Christmas. The market was heaving and so was the restaurant. We shared the grilled seafood platter which consisted of scallops, red snapper, prawns, octopus and squid, served with chips and aoili. The seafood was grilled to perfection. The grilled octopus came out tops,  followed by the squid, scallops, prawns and snapper.  Easily the best seafood platter I’ve ever had.

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