Thursday nasi lemak special – Christmas eve

We went to the Love and Care Cafe (38 Pier St, East Perth) for lunch on Wednesday last week only to find out that Nasi Lemak was served on Thursdays. Not to waste a trip, we ordered a meat and veg each from the bain marie which was served with boiled rice. Portions were aplenty for a very reasonable price. The boys loved the beef rendang. No photos as we were too famished and forgot to snap shots.

I went into the city early on Thursday to do a bit of shopping. I had arranged to meet the boys for nasi lemak at the L&CC  at 11.30am. Hubby and I ordered nasi lemak.   A ordered rendang, vegetables and rice. Hubby asked for a side of beef rendang. The sambal was tasty but mild, and the rice had the right amount of coconut/pandan flavour. The photo below is my plate, excluding the rendang.

Shame we’ll be gone before next Thursday….


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