Random holiday photos

A few random photos taken during our recent holiday…

On our first evening in Singapore, a very good friend, J, took us out for dinner. We then ended up in the New Asia Bar on the 70-something floor of Swissotel The Stamford. We ordered a round of cocktails, and I choose the Merlion Cocktail as it had mango in it. This is how it was served. I felt like I was back in school drinking out of my fancy water bottle.

Dad’s friend took us to a restaurant called The Duck King in a shopping centre in Jakarta (Kelapa Gading). We ordered a fruit salad, and this is how it was presented to us – shaved ice shaped into a cone, and the fruits placed strategically in the ice to form a christmas tree.

Not a food related shot unless sea-gull kebab is your thing. Hubby drove us to South Perth to watch the sun set on our last evening in Perth. There were plenty of sea-gulls feeding off left-overs from picnics. This little guy was pretty brave and ventured close to me for a photo. Note the WACA on the top right of the photo.

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