Meal plan week commencing 1 Feb

I started planning my weekly meals ahead of time recently. I found a very inspiring blog today and the author recommended that I post my meal plans. So here goes week commencing 1 Feb 2010 covering dinners only, as hubby and I both eat breakfast and dinner during weekdays at work.

Monday (yesterday) – Wonton noodles

Tuesday (today) – Salmon and puy lentils

Wed – Thai yellow curry with chicken

Thursday – leftover from last night

Friday – Butternut squash risotto

Sat – Malaysian nasi lemak

Sun – possibly dining out

I’ve done the grocery shopping for the above, so unless I get held up at work until late, I hope to follow through with the plan!


One thought on “Meal plan week commencing 1 Feb

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your menu sounds delicious.

    So you guys eat breakfast at work? I’m curious because I’m trying to start eating breakfast regularly and it’s so hard! For some reason planning dinner seems easy, but breakfast is so foreign. Do you bring food to work, or eat out?

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