Meal plan week commencing 8 Feb

We spent all of Saturday stripping wallpaper off 2 walls in our living room, followed by sanding and painting said walls. There are 3 walls left and we were thinking of continuing with our good work on Sunday. I had bits of wallpaper stuck in my hair, but decided to wait until Sunday evening to wash it – no point washing it twice when there was more DIY to do on Sunday.  Big mistake.

We had a lie-in on Sunday and I complained to hubby that it was cold. I went downstairs and boosted the temperature up, and plonked myself in front of the telly. 20 minutes later and the room was still freezing. I got up and checked the boiler. It was dead. 

Hubby rang the boiler company only to be told that the earliest an engineer would get in touch was Monday.

So, hubby helped me boil 4 kettles of water for my wash in the bath this morning.

Everyone at work was complaining that the weather has turned cold overnight. As far as I’m concerned, it’s warmer outside than it is in our house.

I have a very low tolerance to the cold and suffer poor circulation, so you can imagine that I’m not in the best of forms at the moment. Still, hubby has been very sweet and positive, so I need to get my act together and try not to be such a crybaby.

So, I’m going to keep up with the meal plan this week, as tempting as it is to eat out. We’ll just boil hot water to do the dishes. It can be done.

Meal plan for the week:

Monday – chicken curry with potatoes

Tuesday – squash risotto (I didn’t cook this last week as I had loads of thai chicken curry left over)

Wednesday – grilled seabass (using a recipe I found in Barefoot in Paris)

Thursday – no cooking – I’m attending a cooking workshop and we’ll sit down for a meal at the end of the session and hubby has a night out with work

Friday – simple fried rice

Saturday – EarlyValentine’s dinner out


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