Wholefood Harmony

A friend of mine, Anna, runs a Macrobiotic cooking workshop every few weeks. I attended a workshop last Thursday and the theme was Indian. All dishes cooked are vegan. Anna is a wonderful teacher where she guides each team (participants normally pair off to attempt recipes) to prepare, cook and present their recipes.

Here is a link to Anna’s website:


Anna starts of each session by giving an introduction to Macrobiotics and how she is involved in it. She then explains the recipes to be cooked in the session and the nutrients in the key ingredients. There are normally 6 to 7 recipes in each session and participants are asked if they would like to attempt any one in particular. Participants are paired off and the cooking begins! When all the recipes are cooked, the participants sit down together and enjoy a feast. 

I’ve been to 3 workshops to date. I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I’ve come to a stage in life where I appreciate not only good flavours, but also the health attributes of ingredients. You can always pair off meat with some of the lovely dishes in Anna’s workshop – I had this in mind when I recently made lamb steaks and salsa verde served on buckwheat salad. This time last year, I would have walked past the grains and beans section in Waitrose and not have a clue but now when I look at brown rice Miso, or rice syrup, I don’t feel as clueless or intimidated as I used to be. I look back to that point in time when I fried my first egg with a tonne of oil – I’ve certainly come a long way.


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