Thank you hubby…

We have plenty of DIY to do in our home.  Our living room was left in a mess after the fireplace was installed back in January, so we figured it was probably best if we started stripping off the old wallpaper from the walls and re-paint them. I helped out hubby initially, but was diagnosed with RSI on both hands recently so hubby has taken on the task by himself, and what a mammoth task it is.

Hubby spent most of the weekend covered in dust from sanding and plastering the walls. He is determined to spend a few hours after work in the evening fixing the walls so that we can look forward to a freshly decorated living room. Although I couldn’t give him a hand, I made sure that he had plenty of sustenance to get through the work involved.  He admitted sheepishly last night that he had polished off the last of the banana cake I baked at the weekend without asking if I wanted to have it instead.

I know I don’t say this enough, but if you’re reading this, Hubby, thank you for making our home a comfortable place to live in.  No amount of home-made banana cake can make up for what you do for us.

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