Late nights and early mornings…

I woke up everyday this week wondering how I was going to make it through another 10 to 12 hour day at work. Somehow the mantra ‘left foot forward, right foot forward’ got me from home to work , via the tube, and back. I have been neglecting my blog for the last few weeks. The meals plans have given us some structure to an otherwise chaotic month. I am certainly not one who lives to work, but sometimes there are deadlines to be met and you need to work as a team. 

The stress of the week temporarily dissipated at work yesterday when one of my colleagues organised a sweep for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. I drew Calgary Bay at 100-1, which I knew was a no-hoper for this race, quite like Contraband who used to feature in last year’s big races at 500-1. The next big racing event will be the Grand National and my colleague has promised to organise a sweep for the race in a few weeks’ time.

It is finally the weekend and a chance to catch up on rest. It is a shame that it started raining yesterday and today is expected to be a wash-out after a beautiful, dry week.  Perhaps the rain is the perfect excuse to keep us indoors – home cooked meals, wine and telly. Bliss.


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