Sunny Cornwall Part 1

Our friends T,J their gorgeous baby M and dog H are holidaying in Cornwall for the week, and so hubby and I took Monday off and joined them for a long weekend. We had plenty of sunshine, food, wine and most importantly, good company.

I brought my paella pan along and convinced them to let me cook dinner.  T did have a dial-a-pizza number handy just in case. 

We had pasties in St Ives while enjoying the view, although the boys insist that mine was a curry puff and not a traditional pasty.

J drove us to Land’s End for more scenic views…

The boys grilled lamb steaks while I made pasta bake and mustard-olive sauce (from last week’s orzo recipe) for our dinner on Sunday evening.  Dessert was strawberries and cornish clotted ice cream.

A lot of wine was consumed post dinner, and we had the munchies past midnight, but there are no photos of the clotted cream and jam scones consumed!


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