Italian lunch and Sichuan dinner

Today was a day of much-needed rest in our household.  For lunch, I cooked some shop-bought ricotta and spinach tortellini in olive oil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and cream for a touch of decadence.

I read reviews for Angeles Sichuan restaurant on Kilburn High Road recently, and wanted to give it a go. I’ve only ever had Sichuan food in Bar Shu, Soho and although the food was delicious, I wasn’t bowled over by the service.  Anyway, I’m always keen on trying new restaurants, so we went to Angeles for dinner tonight. This is what we had:

Kung po chicken

Kung po chicken – lovely blend of bite size chicken pieces, peanuts, dried chillies, spring onions and Sichuan peppercorns. The dish wasn’t as sweet as Bar Shu’s as I would have preferred, but it was tasty nonetheless. The dried chillies were surprisingly mild (even for hubby) but the peppercorns had their usual numbing effect.

Stir-fried green beans with dried chilli – the green beans retained their crunch and yet very tender. Once again, the dried chillies were not overpowering, so we didn’t feel the need to reach for a glass of water with every bite. The only downside was that there was a generous sprinkling of salt on the green beans, which, to state the obvious, made it quite salty.  Apparently there’s normally pork in this dish which our waitress kindly pointed out, so I asked if they could omit the meat and they happily obliged.

Ma po bean curd – also normally served with pork, but we asked for the meat-less option (although I’m sure it is cooked with lard!).  I am a big fan of tofu and always struggle to find a good ma po dish, so although the taste was very similar to the kung po chicken, I had to order it. I read some negative reviews about Angeles’ ma po, and do feel that some of them are justified. The dish was very oily and also salty, but I just fished out the tofu without overloading on the sauce and it was fine. I might go for a milder braised tofu next time.

Deep fried squid in chilli and pepper – this was the last dish to be brought out and there was a good 10 minutes interval between dishes being served. We only had about 3 squid between us, and it was extremely salty. The batter was nice and crispy though.

We polished off the Kung Po chicken and asked for our waitress if we could take home the leftover beancurd, squid and green beans.  Lunch tomorrow is sorted, and I think I might give the squid a good dry toss in the wok tomorrow along with some coriander.

We were offered some freshly cut watermelon slices as a palate cleanser after the meal, which went down a treat. I was impressed by the friendly service and decent quality of food, but we might ask if they could reduce the salt content in our food next time.

Angeles on Urbanspoon


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