Coconut buns

Coconut buns were a childhood favourite of mine.  My aunt used to buy them for me from the neighbourhood roti man as he came beeping down the street in his snack-laden motorbike.

I stumbled upon a recipe for Japanese Style Coconut Custard Buns here at Christine’s Recipes and decided to give it a go  last night.  Credit to Christine for the recipe.  Please follow the link above for the recipe on Christine’s blog.

How my live has changed from 8 years ago – I was baking on a Saturday night. This recipe called for numerous steps, double proofing, resting and was time-consuming, although the end product was worth it. I switched off the oven at 1.30am Sunday morning, left the buns on a rack to cool, and woke up very excited 6 hours later to taste them. The coconut buns were sweet, slightly chewy (probably due to over-kneading) but very satisfying especially when washed down with a cup of coffee. It made up for not having a lie-in.


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