Bill Granger’s Dhal

I like Bill Granger’s recipes. Although they are normally fuss-free, this is not at the expense of the flavours. Bill cooks for his family, and you can see that his recipes are practical, and yet the food is very satisfying. Which is why he remains my favourite cook. So I turned to Bill’s books when I was looking for some inspiration to cook for the week ahead. The dhal was on Tuesday’s meal plan, but I was craving something asian.


I served the dhal with spicy chicken (recipe to follow), stir-fried okra and basmati rice. The flavours of the aromatics came through and made this a very tasty dish. The coriander lent a slight pungency and the carrot, some sweetness to the dhal. The dish worked well with the okra and spicy chicken, so I think I might revisit this recipe in a few weeks’ time.

4 thoughts on “Bill Granger’s Dhal

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