Lunch at La Sophia, Nottinghill

I booked us a toptable deal for lunch earlier today at La Sophia in Nottinghill (just off Portobello Rd).  I was excited to learn from La Sophia’s website that the chef previously worked in Ottolenghi, where we’ve talked about going for a while now. La Sophia offers a mixture of French/Mediterranean cuisine which I really looked forward to.  We found out that the restaurant had only been open for 2 months.  The toptable offer was 2 courses for £11 which sounded like very good value.

We arrived about 15 minutes early, and as the restaurant was empty, we were asked to pick a table.  Our choice was a table by the window – it was nice, bright and airy, and great for photos.  The menu offered a good selection for lunch, and very affordable through toptable.

Hubby and I both picked the calamari served with tzatziki for starters.

The batter was very thin and well seasoned, and had specs of chilli flakes. The squid itself was very tender and I could have eaten them on their own, but the tzatziki added some zing and garlicky-ness to the dish.  Both our plates were wiped clean. I wouldn’t have minded some bread to mop up the tzatziki though, but that was just me being greedy.

Hubby ordered the steak with roquefort and bearnaise sauce served with chips. The steak was cooked medium-rare, and did not disappoint. We were expecting french fries but the chips were actually a nice alternative, especially to soak up the lovely sauce. I think some salad on the side (as served with my dish below) would have completed this dish.

I ordered lamb chops which were served with salad and chips (once again I expected french fries). I think my tolerance to salt is quite low these days, so I felt the lamb was slightly on the saltier side. Still, the meat was very well cooked, and even the fatty bits were cooked to a crisp perfection. I don’t normally eat the fat, but I was tempted to have a taste and it was lovely. The salad was very refreshing, especially on such a hot day.

The waitress was very friendly – apparently her sister is married to the chef, and she was over from Sydney to help out for a few months.  We were very satisfied with our meal, and I think we’ll definitely come back, perhaps for dinner next time.

La Sophia is located on 46 Goldborne Road, W10 5PR.

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