Foreigner n Europe

How apt.

Except I’m not referring to myself. For a change.

My colleague jasper reckons I’m a retro bird (which ties in to my previous post about growing up too quick).

Two weeks ago I was over the moon when I found out that I had won tickets to go see Foreigner (of ‘I’m been waiting for a girl like you’ and ‘I wanna know what love is’ fame) and Europe (‘Final countdown’) at the Itunes festival in the Roundhouse. They’re on tonight.  As much as I am looking forward to the gig, I don’t think they’ll match up to a-Ha who I saw this time last year, also at the Roundhouse. I suspect Morten Harket was an influencing factor, but we also had VIP seats.  But he’s over 50, said a well-meaning friend.  

So I don’t know who the leads are for Foreigner and Europe, but I’ll be sure to check wiki if I have a reason to, after the gig.  More to follow.

I found myself tapping my feet to Julio Iglesias’s Moonlight Lady when I heard it on, oh I don’t know, a re-run of Ugly Betty.  The Girl from Ipanema has the same effect (feet tapping). Especially played on vinyl (which I’ve only heard on, oh I don’t know, another UB episode maybe?).  Hubby, when you’re in one of your dingy Soho secondhand music stores, will you try and track this vinyl down for me?

Girl from Ipanema

I’m an antique. Hubby, you could probably try and trade me for a sausage.

RIP Yasmin Ahmad. 25-07-2009

3 thoughts on “Foreigner n Europe

  1. Ooh have fun! I hope you will be tapping more than your feet.

    And you are worth at least an entire basketful of sausages. A whole butchery’s worth of them.

    (Also, I am not familiar with how the interface is, but is there a button you can click on after selecting the text you want to link, and you can type the link in there? Otherwise you can use html like so, removing the * symbols that I’ve stuck in there to make this particular html not work 🙂
    Visit this magical sausage website

  2. haha, clearly my * trick was unsuccessful, and my html knowledge is very minimal. Let me try that again… if this doesn’t work then just google “a href” and it’ll tell you the html 🙂
    Visit this magical sausage website

  3. Thank you Conor@HoldtheBeef. For your help on the href – I’ll look it up. And also for saying that I’m worth more than a sausage. Means a lot, especially on a less than nice day like this.

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