Feng Sushi

I wasn’t sure whether to post our dinner at Feng Sushi before the gig yesterday.

I was first introduced to Feng Sushi on 4th July 2005, my first day of work in London. Since then I got hubby hooked on to their deep-fried tuna sushi and tempura dishes. They are not the cheapest eats for what you get, so I was terribly disappointed for the below-par food served to us yesterday. 

The deep-fried tuna (£10 for 10 pieces) was very dry and the tuna lacked freshness. None of the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that I remembered from my previous trip.

The next dish was baby squid tempura and rice. I didn’t like the batter on the baby squid tempura, so I removed them and ate the squid which was very tender, a saving grace for this dish. And don’t get me started on the rice which was served with the tempura. It was gluggy and whoever cooked this batch added too much water to the grain. I’m Asian. I learnt to cook a variety of rice from the age of 5.  Don’t try to pass this off as standard Japanese fare.

Hubby was also disappointed with his tiger prawns and mixed vegetable tempura. Nothing tasted fresh. It was the same dry taste and texture.  And don’t get my started on that rice again.

I was caught up in shock and so I forgot to take a snap of hubby’s Asahi. The waiter couldn’t care less how he poured.  I remarked that the head on the beer was definitely bigger than hubby’s forehead. Sorry love.

Feng Sushi, I was your biggest fan once upon a time, but not anymore.  3 disappointing dishes, 2 unimpressive drinks, plastic stools and £40 pounds later, I don’t think we’ll be rushing back. There’s a recession out there and I’d rather spend my hard-earned cash somewhere more deserving.


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