Foreigner and Europe (quick update)

(This is not a music review.  Music is hubby’s forte. Food is mine).

We had a brilliant night at the Roundhouse last night.

First up were Europe who performed around 8 tracks and they were amazing. The only song I recognised was the obvious The Final Countdown, which got the whole floor rockin’!

After a short break, it was time for Foreigner. Here’s a shot of their set list:

I recognised Cold as Ice, Waiting for a Girl and I Want to Know.  That was Yesterday was a cool song. Got my feet tapping.

Kelly Hansen in yellow pants singing Waiting for a Girl. His voice was unbelievable and note perfect.

Mick Jones

The Itunes festival is simply fantastic. Tickets are free, but must be won through a draw either through the official website or through Facebook.  Last year we won tickets to see Placebo, Paolo Nutini, Beverley Knight and of course, a-Ha.  Any chance they could bring on Robin Thicke and Hootie and the Blowfish next year?

One can only hope.


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