A year of blogging…..

The 10th of August marked a year since I started this blog.  Although I used to read blogs for ages, it didn’t cross my mind to start my own blog until I watched The Julie/Julia Project in August 2009.  I had a very poor relationship with food until I was at least in my mid 20s. Food to me up to then was fuel for the body and no more.  I used to drive my parents up the wall with my poor appetite as a child. My dad threatened to drill a big hole down my shoulder, insert a big pipe into it and feed me scrap through the pipe. I liked the sound of it. Anything to not eat.

All this changed when I was watching Bill’s on BBC1 one Saturday morning. Bill Granger made his lovely ricotta hotcakes. I’ve always liked pancakes, so I made a mental note to stock up on eggs and ricotta when I went food shopping later that day. The ricotta hotcakes were a success and so, feeling inspired,  I made a trip to the now defunct Borders within the week and bought my first cookbook, Bill’s Sydney Food.  My cookbook collection soon grew to include all of his books, and those of other cooks and chefs who equally inspired me to change my relationship with food: Jamie Oliver, Curtis Stone , Patricia Wells, Ina Garten, and of course, Julia Child.  So, you can’t blame me for Borders going down.

In the name of keeping the blog going, I have been challenging myself to recipes outside my comfort zone, including baking. I baked my first cake, lemon semolina, last year. I am definitely a late bloomer.  Hubby has been very encouraging of my new hobby. He is my guinea pig, and fortunately, he has not been harmed while tasting my experiments.

Food to me now is fuel for the soul, as much as it is for the body.  Hubby now knows that if I’m feeling homesick, a plate of Char Kuey Teow in addition to a phone call home, helps.  I  am also now aware that a plate of CKT is a treat, and any more than a plate will clog up my arteries.

Recently I took a break from blogging and cooking to concentrate on the gym.  An understanding of food and nutrients has helped me stick to my healthy-eating plan.  I am not sure this is something I could have achieved a year ago, and I have my blogging to thank for.

I plan to resume regular blogging once August is over.  Sometimes, one needs more than food to fuel the body and soul.


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