Seared tuna steak and roasted courgette couscous

I cooked my first tuna steak ever for dinner tonight.  While I don’t mind canned tuna, I’ve always had an aversion to tuna steaks as I had this misconception that it was a fishy fish.  Anyway, I wanted to stretch my boundaries today, so I bought 2 yellowfin tuna steaks from M&S on the way back home from work earlier. 

I seasoned the tuna steaks with salt and pepper, and seared them for 2 minutes on either side on medium heat and let them rest on a warm plate while I dished up the couscous. I made a quick tomato and olive salsa with a touch of cream to serve with the tuna and couscous. I diced and roasted some courgettes for 20 minutes in the oven with a dash of olive oil. Once cooked, I mixed them with the couscous for extra flavour and texture.

I think this recipe is a keeper. The tuna and couscous combination was very light, and therefore perfect for a later than usual dinner.  The cream was an indulgence, but I didn’t want the last drop that was sitting in the fridge to go to waste. Rather, it has now gone to my waist.


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