Food, glorious food…

My colleague S’s son is in Oliver, so hubby and I went to see the musical last week. Oliver Twist holds a little dear place in our hearts. When we met for our first date, we went to a musical, and by the time the show was over, most restaurants were closing. We ended up going to hubby’s local take-away joint and even they had pulled the shutters down, so we went around to the back, knocked on their door/window and asked if we could take-away some food. I felt like Oliver Twist that night. They say you should treat someone mean to keep them keen. I guess it worked for me.

Anyway, back to Oliver. It was a full house in the Drury Lane Theatre on a Thursday evening. The props were imaginative, angled to create narrow London lanes.  The boys, be they the lead or the support, were amazingly talented. They sang and danced their way to everyone’s hearts that evening.  There were some ‘hard-core’ scenes involving Mr Bumble, which made me wonder whether it was suitable viewing for kids!  Hubby knew most of the songs in the first half of the show. I only recognised Food, Glorious Food and Where is Love.  Although our seats were up near the gods, we still had a good view of the stage.

Alas, both hubby and I were feeling under the weather, so we left the show at intermission. No, we didn’t stop for a take-away to reminisce our first date!


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