Shall we drive instead, honey?

Me and my big mouth.

I suggested to hubby that we find out how much car rental from Munich to Fussen would cost. Instead of getting the S-Bahn, bus, and then a train to Fussen, we ended up renting a car at the spur of the moment from Munich Airport. There was no sat-nav in the car, so we had to rely on a map and my Eyewitness travel book to get us to Fussen, navigating unfamiliar German names for towns.  The motorway was busy, and I know cars speed on the motorway in the UK, but I think driving on an unfamiliar route, on the opposite side of the road, and in a rented car made the experience super-scary.  

My heart was in my mouth for the 2 1/2 hours it took us to drive to Fussen. We did stop at the services for a break and to get our bearings. Shortly after we got back on the motorway, we saw a sign for Fussen, about 60 km away. We were finally on the home stretch.

We were not too far from Fussen when we nearly crashed into the back of a car, a tourist no doubt, who suddenly braked to a halt when a tall, blue pole came into sight.  I hope he got good photos and that it was worth giving us whiplash.

The route we took is called the Romantic Road, which is very scenic… rolling green meadows, cows, farms, farm houses, alpine forests, fresh air… you get the picture.

We drove past the turn-off to Hohenswangau and spotted Neuschwanstein in the distance. It was such a breathtaking sight.  We’re planning on visiting the castle on Wednesday.

Our hotel in Fussen is very central to the Old town, bars and restaurants.  We had dinner in Il Pescatore, an Italian restaurant in the old town, which was recommended on Tripadvisor. Don’t worry, hubby will be having lots of meats and sausages, so I’ll be sure to post photos. However, for tonight, we settled for a plate of spaghetti with olives and capers for hubby, and a napoletana pizza for me.

We’ve been up since 5.30 this morning, so I think a nice relaxing night is in store for us.


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