Guess what we discovered today?

We went up to Neuschwanstein Castle today on a guided tour which lasted around 40 minutes or so. After the tour, we found a lovely bistro in the Castle.  They had a good selection of cakes, snacks and also champagne.  Our friendly waiter carried our champagne glasses over to a table with a wonderful view of the alps and surrounding lakes. As he was placing the glasses on the table, he told us that it was King Ludwig II’s birthday today.

Now what are the chances of me choosing to visit Neuschwanstein Castle on my birthday, which also coincides with the birthday of the great king who lived in the castle back in the 1800’s?

I’ll drink to that….


4 thoughts on “Guess what we discovered today?

  1. This is a great coincidence! Neuschwanstein Castle is just lovely, even in winter when I saw it last year, so I can imagine how nice it must be in summer. Happy birthday to you! I hope that is all you share with Ludwig!

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