Holiday highlights…

1) Tegelberg cable car ride (around 1700 meters) above sea level. We more or less got the last cable car up to the peak which took about 5 minutes. We were told when buying tickets that we’d only have 20 minutes to have a look around at the top. Once we got up there, it started fogging up so we were shooed back into the cable car for the trip back down. Fabulous views from giddy heights!

2) Coffee in Pinswang, Austria – we hadn’t realised how close to Austria we were until we went for a spin in the car on our second day in Fussen. We stumbled upon Pinswang, a gorgeous Alpine village, and stopped by at Gutshof Schluxen for coffee.  The view of the alps was amazing, and it is obviously a hot spot for hikers and cyclists.

3) Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles

4) Horse-cart ride up to Neuschwanstein.  These 2 chaps worked very hard to get us all up to the base of the castle.

5) Trek to Marienbrucke. We took this photo from the castle. The bridge is worth a visit, but if like me you’re afraid of heights, have something beforehand to calm your nerves.

4 thoughts on “Holiday highlights…

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  2. Greetings from Pinswang, Austria! As an American now living here, I am delighted to know that you were able to visit and did indeed enjoy your stay. Pinswang is a lovely ancient village, whose people reflect the warmth and gemuetlichkeit that so defines the Tirolean lifestyle….about which I have written in my own WordPress BLOG ( Sending best regards! – Andy Bellenkes

    • Thank you for stopping by. It’s a shame our visit to Pinswang was a short one, but we hope to go back someday soon for another visit.

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