Lunch at Gasthof Krone, Fussen

We walked around the Old Town in Fussen before stumbling upon Gasthof Krone, which had a medieval themed restaurant.  All staff wore medieval-type clothes. We were ushered to our table by a young squire.  My german is almost non-existent, so I was very grateful when he asked if I wanted a menu in English.  

This restaurant is a treat for those for love meat. Unfortunately I don’t eat beef or pork for religious and cultural reasons, so I opted for deep-fried onion bloom served with salad. Hubby ordered Bratwurst served with sauerkraut and bread. Before our food arrived, the waiter put big paper bibs on us. 

Onion rings will never taste the same again. Check out the portion size. I only managed to eat half the onion bloom and picked at the salad.

Hubby said the bratwurst was very meaty and tasty, especially when washed down with his Dunkel Beer.

We skipped dessert as we were absolutely stuffed, but hubby had this little ice cream about 3 hours after lunch. It was called fruity and creamy, and the waiter sort of gave hubby a knowing look when he ordered this…!


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