Anniversary and birthday meal

We had our anniversary and my birthday meal at a charming little restaurant, Fischerhutte, in Hopfen am See. The restaurant is right by the Hopfen lake, and is about 15 minutes drive from our hotel in Fussen.

We had reserved a table on the terrace, and as luck would have it, it was a very warm evening.  The views of the lake and the surrounding alps were simply breathtaking.  Hubby took this photo from his seat.

We both ordered prosecco to drink and toast to the special day that it was.  I ordered the Fisherhutte fish soup for my starter. The soup was a lobster bisque served with a dollop of cream, and small prawns. It was very tasty, however the cream made the soup heavy for a balmy evening.

Hubby ordered soup as well – hungarian goulash, but didn’t want any photos taken for lack of appeal. However, what it lacked in appearance, the dish scored on taste. Hubby said a bigger portion would have done him for the entire meal.

I ordered Freshwater Shrimp served with spaghetti in a spicy tomato base.  The first thing I said when I saw this dish was ‘Wow’. The shrimps were humongous, and very meaty.  I was given a side dish to place the empty shells, which was a good idea, as the shells were very sturdy. Sort of a cross between a crayfish and a lobster. The sauce was tad too salty for me, but then again, I have developed a weird intolerance for salt in the last 3 months or so. 

Hubby ordered steak in pepper sauce, served with a side of chips. The steak was cooked to a medium, hubby’s preference, and according to him, very tender and juicy. There was plenty of sauce for the chips, and it made for a very satisfying meal.

Both our main courses came with a bowl of garden salad each.  There were boiled eggs, mini mozzarella balls, peppers, tomatoes, olives, cauliflower, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket leaves and plenty more. The salad on its own could have filled me up, and this was after skipping lunch today.

Once again, we were too full for sweet treats so we called for the bill. There were 2 items on the bill which I didn’t recognise. Although it was in german, we knew how many dishes we had ordered – you can’t really pull the wool over this bean counter’s eyes.  We went up to the bar and spoke to a girl who called on our waiter. I hope it was a genuine mistake, but he appeared to have charged us 2 of the most of expensive desserts on the menu.  I laughed it off, and rounded down the amount overcharged, took the change and left. The incident dampened our evening every so slightly, but I’m glad we sorted it out.

We went for a walk along the lake, and watched the sun set. The setting, although very different, reminded me of Fremantle, where hubby and I spent evenings watching the amazing sun set over the Indian Ocean. 

Thanks for a lovely evening out, hubby…

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