All good things….

Our last full day in Germany came along far too soon.  Our plan for the day was to stop somewhere en-route to Munich, have lunch and a wander around before returning the hire car and check-in at the airport hotel.  I consulted my guide-book and suggested Augsberg, 3rd-largest city in Bavaria. The drive took just over an hour.

We left the car in a car park, and walked around to get our bearings. We couldn’t really figure out where we were. When we found a very pretty restaurant, Bayerisches Haus am Dom, we decided to go in for a bite to eat, and take a break from the scorching sun.

The waiters and waitresses were dressed in traditional Bavarian outfits, and were very friendly and welcoming.  We chose to sit indoors as we were very warm from the drive.  I ordered a Bavarian speciality, Spaetzl with cheese and fried onions.  This tasted very similar to mac and cheese, and I loved the addition of the fried onions. Probably a bit heavy for lunch on a hot day, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Hubby had veal sausages, served with salad and pretzel. The sausages were served in a broth and generous scattering of chopped chives.  Hubby enjoyed every bit of his meal.

We asked our waitress for directions to the main square, which turned  out to be a stone’s throw from the restaurant. A mock beach was set up right in front of the Rathaus (town hall). It was a scorching day (almost 30 degrees), and the only thing missing from the mock beach was the sea for a dip to cool down. 

We stopped by at St Anne’s church, but it was being renovated, so there wasn’t too much to see from the outside. Per my guide-book, the church was steeped in history, so I was disappointed that we timed it wrong with our visit.

We got on the road soon after, and we were still deliberating whether to make our next stop right before the turn-off. 

We spent  1 1/2 hours in the museum and walking around the site. Dachau. Beyond comprehension.

It was almost 6 p.m. and we decided to make our way to the airport. We skipped the motorway and kept to what I’d refer to the A roads in the UK, heading to Freising but the roads were busy enough on account of rush hour.  We found the turn-off for the airport within an hour, filled up the car with diesel before dropping it off.  We had a room booked at Hotel Kempinski, which is right beside Terminals 1 and 2.

We were upgraded to a superior room, which was a nice gesture. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. We flaked out as soon as we got to the room. We decided to order room service and have an early night. A much-needed rest before our flight the next morning. We shared Pad Thai and Margherita pizza, an accidental tribute to our east meets west union.

I didn’t want the last photo of my holiday post to be of a pizza, so here is a lovely shot of Neuschwanstein in the distance just as we were leaving Hohenschwangau.

Auf Wiedersehen. ‘Til we meet again.


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