New Cultural Revolution

We were out and about, in West Hampstead earlier today and ended up in Notting Hill. We decided to have dinner in New Cultural Revolution, a dumpling and noodle bar. We ordered 3 dishes to share, a glass of wine for me and a bottle of beer for hubby.

First up, kung-po chicken served with steamed rice. The sauce was very light, and the vegetables made this simple dish taste very clean and wholesome. Still, not a mark on Bar Shu’s Kung-po chicken, but then if that was what we wanted, that’s where we would have gone to.

Next up, lao mein served with seafood and hot and sauce. The sauce was  only slightly tangy, relatively mild and there were plenty of prawns, mussels, squid, sliced carrots, celery and chinese cabbage.  A one pot dish, the noodles, seafood and vegetables were very fulfilling, and just like the kung-po chicken, it was very wholesome in flavour.

We also shared a portion of chilli squif served with sweet chilli sauce. A note of caution, the chillies were hot! Fairly standard fare.

We were very impressed with the level of service. Our waiter was very polite, attentive and friendly. If we’re in the area again, Id definitely go back.  NCR also has a branch in King’s Road.

New Cultural Revolution, 157-159 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LF


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