Oh crow up!

It took me 2 1/2 hours to get into work this morning via tube, tube, overground, 2 buses, both stuck in gridlocks, and finally walked 30 minutes to work in the rain. The journey home wasn’t straightforward either. 2 hours later, hubby picked me up from a nearby tube station.

Newspapers carried headlines which read ‘Londoners will not be defeated’, ‘Londoners will persevere’… etc. I’m a cold-hearted, hard woman. I can’t extend my sympathy to the union workers who chose to strike today to make a stand against potential cuts and changes to their jobs.  We are in the midst of a recession. Most of our jobs are at risk, mine included.

It cost me almost twice the usual return fare to get to work and back.  I don’t wish to spend any more money on travel than I have to, through no fault of my own. 5 hours of my time was spent getting in and out of London today. Hubby and I were in NYC about 1 1/2 years ago. We bought a weekly travel card for the metro for 20-odd US$ for unlimited travel on the subway and local buses. No zone restriction. It’s a different story here in London.  A weekly travel card for zones 1-5 is about £45. Zones 1-2 is around £26. I can’t for the life of me understand why travel in London is so expensive.  You’d think the seats were gold-plated.

Apparently this is the first of a series of strikes to come.   Mr Crow and your fellow strikers.  I’m not sure if 7 million Londoners are wishing you good night and sweet dreams tonight. What goes round comes around. May all your future travels be with BA.


2 thoughts on “Oh crow up!

  1. Public transport prices in your fair city make me wince every time I visit, especially when I’m only getting 40p to the Aussie dollar!

    I hope if the strike isn’t resolved soon that at least the rain will go away 😦

    • I know, the prices are embarrasing over here. I love the free CAT services in Perth city. I’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere. London Travel should take note.

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