DIY – Dressing table

A year ago, Hubby and I bought our first house together.  Unfortunately for us, the house was and still is in need of a lot of work.  Hubby took this challenge in his stride, me less so. Until I accidentally found this website, Young House Love.   The blog is written by a couple who completely renovated their home and are ardent DIY-ers.  I found myself inspired by their projects, commitment and ability to follow through their projects, no matter how big or small. 

I didn’t have a dressing table until this evening. Up to this point, I sat on the carpet to do my hair, or used my little compact mirror to check my make-up.  Before I found YHL, I probably would have eventually bought myself a dressing table. However, we were in Home Sense (a TK-Maxx for home furnishings) a few weeks ago and spotted this:

Hubby and I more or less looked at each other and said ‘DIY-dressing table?’  We bought the desk for £69 (which looked like mango wood and was marked down from about £150) and also hunted down a suitable mirror, which cost £20.

(Please ignore the red carpet. It came with the house and we hope to re-do our hallway before Christmas).

Anyway, back to the dressing table.  We painted the desk and mirror frame white using wood paint which we had bought recently for our window panes.  Between us, we must have put 4 coats of paint on the desk.  The following weekend, Hubby put 2 layers of white gloss (circa £7, Homebase) on the desk as I was afraid I’d wreck it with make-up and lotions. 

This evening, Hubby being the sweetheart that he is (yes, despite saying ‘I told you so’ for all to hear in IKEA earlier), completed the project with door knobs for the drawers from IKEA (about £4 for a pair).  Here’s the post make-over shot of my new dressing table and mirror:

The total cost of the project was just under £110.  We’re very proud of how well the dressing table looks, and pleased that we were able to put our own stamp on it. 

We are still doing up our bedroom at the moment. I have a corner picked out for the dressing table but will need to shop for a floor lamp and/or what I call ‘movie-star-dressing table-lights’ to complete the picture. All in good time, but for now, I’m just glad my days of sitting on the carpet are over. Many thanks Hubby.

5 thoughts on “DIY – Dressing table

  1. Very nice, well done! I wonder if you’ll have to consciously stop yourself from sitting on the floor when you want to do your hair now 🙂

    Also, surely you should wait until *after* Christmas to change the carpet? ’tis very festive.

    • Haha, I know what you mean. Tomorrow’s the real test when I have to get ready for work. We’ll see if I automatically reach for the floor. The builder has since wrecked the carpet with muck and plaster, so it will definitely have to go once the kitchen gets done.

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