I’m feeling a bit purple today…

My tongue looks purple today.  I googled it, and apparently this is a sign of high cholesterol and heart disease. I’m not surprised. If you’ve been eating out the way we have been, you’d have a purple tongue too. This is what I’ve eaten for dinner since we came back from Dublin:

  • Tuesday – spaghetti vongole
  • Wednesday – Indian spicy seafood fried rice
  • Thursday – Vietnamese steamed seabass, lamb curry, black-eyed peas pudding
  • Friday – sushi, yaki udon
  • Saturday – lamb in ginger and spring onion, stir fried french beans, banana fritters and ice cream
  • Sunday – Domino’s pizza (and that’s after Sunday roast earlier in the day)

Our favourite meal from the above was the sushi and yaki udon. Unfortunately, there is no japanese restaurant close to where we live, or else, sushi would be our meal of choice. 

Hubby, after tonights’ Domino’s feast, all I want for the next few days is Congee.  Chinatown after work tomorrow?


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