I heart porridge

My favourite breakfast consists of anything rice or noodles. It’s the Asian in me, and I can’t help the way I am.  The only exception to this is good ol’ porridge, as in oats, rather than the rice-congee type.

I discovered my love for porridge when I lived in Jersey. The porridge man from Jersey Pottery used to try to save me the last drop of porridge if I was running late, but on a good day, his porridge would be sold out just before 9am. Porridge, with a big dollop of maple syrup was a brilliant way to start my day.  Alas, I left Jersey and struggled to find porridge as good as that sold in Jersey Pottery here in London. I tried the canteen in my office. Too lumpy. Gag. I tried EAT and they did have their share of lumps, so I then switched to toast and/or Special K. 

I had a meeting down in Victoria this morning and had some time to kill.  It was a frosty start to the day, and when I spotted Pret, I made a beeline for it.  I decided to sample their porridge – £1.99 for a simple one (no toppings or honey). I then grabbed 2 sachet of brown sugar and watched the brown caramel appear on the hot surface of the porridge.  My first spoonful immediately transformed me to Jersey. Yum. It was delicious and warmed me right down to the core. More importantly there were no lumps.

5 years on, I think I’ve finally found my perfect porridge! Move over Special K.


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