2 weeks to Diwali

My favourite memories of Diwali are those spent with my late grandparents in their ‘kampung’ (village) house and then when they had passed on, Diwali festivities celebrated with my dear aunt.

I moved away from home and everything familiar to me 13 years ago. I remember ringing my aunt on my first Diwali away, feeling terribly homesick and bawled my eyes out for not being able to be with family for the celebrations.  Since then, I vowed to mark every Diwali with organising a meal out with friends. Trust me when I say, that apart from Hubby, I have no one within 10,000km or the same time zone to call family. That sucks.  Which is why, over time, friends have become family.

This year (as with last year), I’ll be organising a Diwali curry night on Sat 6th Nov for friends. If the builder and stonemason don’t complete the kitchen by Friday 5th… I can’t even bear to think about this…

Anyway, I need to start planning my menu for the party and order groceries through Ocado by Tuesday 2nd. This is what I’m thinking of cooking:

Main course

  • lamb curry
  • chicken korma
  • dhall
  • fish cakes
  • tandoori chicken (I’ll need to order from a halal restaurant – the Barefoot Contessa says it is ok to buy some of the dishes for a party. Who am I to argue)
  • roti – (i’ll try and make roti canai, and buy tandoori roti)
  • basmati rice
  • my favourite mixed vegetable and ginger stir-fry
  • pappadoms and dips


  • melon, watermelon and pineapple – fruit platter
  • coconut panna cotta and berry coulis
  • a tart (i’ll need to check my recipe books)

If anyone is reading this, do you have a festival which you make a point of celebrating? What would be your ideal menu? Please send positive and encouraging vibes to my builder and stonemason so that they’ll have my kitchen ready in time for Diwali.


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