French market

A French Market appears in our local village every couple of months.  We drove through the village yesterday evening and noticed that they were closing for the day so we made it a point to get to the French Market earlier this morning.  Most of the traders were from France.  There were fresh vegetables and fruits on sale (shame we’ve no kitchen for the moment), sweets and nougat stalls, a cheese stall, one selling cured meats and sausages, and a jewellery stall among others.

Hubby and I walked the length of the market and made our purchases on the way back. I don’t have photos of the stalls as I didn’t have my camera on me. Our first stop was at an Italian sweet stall (a bit bizarre in a French Market). We bought little pastries for £10 – cannoli, biscotti and 2 types of candy – hazelnut praline, and pistachio. We tasted the pastries when we got home and they are melt-in-your-mouth-sugar-rush-inducing treats.  I don’t think I can stomach any candy for now, but they’ll serve as an after-work pick me up tomorrow.

When I took the photo above, I had forgotten all about the lovely cheese selection we had bought for £5. They were brie, camembert and a brie-camembert like cheese.  I couldn’t resist adding a pack of unsalted butter to my purchase.  I also bought a jar of home-made olive-mustard for £3.80, which I can’t wait to use as a spread, or on grilled fish. 

There was also a paella stall, however, they told us to come back in 30 minutes as they weren’t ready to open up yet. In keeping with the French theme, we stopped by at Cafe Rouge for a coffee. I perused their breakfast menu and noticed that they had pain perdu, which features in Barefoot in Paris, which I have yet to try (the egg is a factor but I’ll get over it).  Hubby and I shared a portion. The fruits comprising sliced banana, blueberry and strawberries tasted lovely with honey, but the french toast was just too sweet and tasted manufactured (eg, similar to ready-bought belgian waffles).

We went back to the paella stall. Unfortunately there was only one type of paella, and it was the traditional type with meat. I was very disappointed as I more or less skipped breakfast and wanted an early lunch.  So when we drove past KFC on the way home, I asked Hubby to pull over and I got myself a fillet burger and chips for lunch. 

Not a great end to an otherwise lovely Sunday morning.


3 thoughts on “French market

  1. For some reason as soon as I saw the olive mustard I thought ‘ooh that’d be perfect in a pastrami or corned beef sandwich’. I don’t eat pastrami or corned beef and haven’t done so for at least 10 years. Weird.

    I also haven’t eaten a KFC fillet burger for a long time but actually kinda feel like one now. All that other loveliness to look at here but I feel like KFC.

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