Kitchen makeover – before and after

The kitchen was finally completed 3 days before my Diwali party, which was cutting it close.  Here are some before and after photos. The before photos were taken when we were trying to pack it up before the builder got it. I’m only trying to make excuses for the messy look.

See the window beside the door? The handle was sealed off, so I could never open the window to ventilate the kitchen.  There was always something on the floor obstructing the door, so we’ve set off the smoke alarm many a time, resulting in one of us fanning air in and out using the front door!

I was glad to have the kitchen gutted and replaced – there was no love lost between us despite the fact that many good meals have come out of this kitchen.

This is how our kitchen looks today after it’s one month make-over.

We got the builder to rid of the kitchen door and window, and replace it with new windows (which open out, I’ve tested them!).  The old units have been replaced with new solid oak integrated ones after 2 months of traditional v gloss kitchen debate.  There is a new black granite counter-top with plenty of work surface. We were going to get black glass splashback surround, however binned the idea when the quote came back double what it was originally, and the wait was an extra 3 weeks. Instead, we found some lovely granite wall tiles to match the counter-top which the builder put on earlier this week.  The builder sealed off the entrance to the kitchen from the main hallway, and knocked through the wall shared between the kitchen and the dining room.  We now have a spacious open-plan kitchen and dining area.

We are so glad to have our house back as we were practically living upstairs for the last month. 

Next post: How I made up for not cooking for an entire month.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen makeover – before and after

  1. HOORAY!!! Looks fantastic! I can never believe how expensive glass splashbacks are when I’ve had friends/family renovating their kitchens, it’s always horrifyingly overpriced.

    I like the little Baileys nook 🙂

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