Chicken with porcini mushrooms

Not to be mistaken for the chicken stuffed with porcini dish I made a few weeks ago, chicken with porcini mushrooms was inspired by the Barefoot Contessa’s chicken with morels. I had dried porcini mushrooms in the pantry and decided to improvise. I served this dish with another Barefoot recipe, white beans, using cannelini beans.

A blog which I find very inspirational is The $120 Food Challenge, and I couldn’t resist an easy focaccia recipe and baked one to serve with dinner tonight.



I served the focaccia with balsamic vinegar/extra virgin olive dip, and also a side of olive-mustard purchased at the French Market a few weeks ago.  My focaccia has a simple garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and thyme topping, but you could jazz it up as recommended in the $120 food challenge blog.

The meal was very enjoyable, but I need to find other recipes for chicken which don’t feature cream/creme fraiche/Madeira/Marsala as frankly, they all taste very much the same.


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