Meal plan Fri 12 Nov – Tues 17 Nov

Would you believe that we cooked our first meal tonight for the first time since the massive cook-out last Fri/Sat? We’re both feeling a bit jaded and flu-ey at the moment, typical when the body slows down as it is normally the adrenaline  which keeps us going.  I’m craving light asian comfort food, and have ok’ed with Hubby that we’d stick to simple Bill Granger recipes (except maybe Sunday as I owe Hubby a decent roast of sorts) for the next few days until we leave for Belfast. 

  • Friday 12th – steamed fish (let’s see if we can score pomfret from the asian fish monger) and pak choy, ginger and soy dressing
  • Saturday 13th – caramel chicken and broccolini
  •  Sunday 14th – lamb shanks, mash and green beans
  • Monday 15th – Grilled tiger prawns, egg fried rice, asparagus and garlic stir-fry
  • Tuesday 16th – Tofu and green bean stir-fry with chilli and basil, omelette, potatoes in oyster sauce

One thought on “Meal plan Fri 12 Nov – Tues 17 Nov

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