Tarte amandine

We had a few ripe pears and apples in the fruit basket, and I was worried we were a bit slow getting through them. I asked Hubby if he would like me to bake him a pear and apple tart, which was akin to asking him if the pope was Catholic.

I bought Patricia Wells’ 20th anniversary edition of Bistro Cooking just before we renovated the kitchen and I was keen to try some recipes. I found a recipe for a pear tarte amandine (I’m like the Girls’ Aloud and speak no French, but per google, amandine = garnished with almonds. Please correct me if I’m wrong) and decided to add some apples as well. I’m still struggling with my pastry, and the sides collapsed again, perhaps I should just stick to Julia Child’s ratio for pastry of 5 parts flour to 4 parts butter, in future.


This is one delicious tart, especially when served warm.  The kirsch enhances the flavour of the apples and pears, which naturally sweet and tangy, enveloped in that soft custard/almond is such a treat. I prefer this to the pear and frangipane tart I made a week ago, maybe because it is that time of year where soft, warm, fruity tarts are much more comforting. Yum.


3 thoughts on “Tarte amandine

    • I’m trying to make the kirsch last as it was rather pricey for such a small bottle. I had a glass of rosé (or maybe two) while waiting for the tarte to bake 🙂

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