Caramel chicken and broccolini

We’re doing quite well so far keeping to this week’s meal plan.  We were out in Covent Garden earlier today shopping for a suit for Hubby.  We then stopped by at The Porter House for a few drinks and watched some international rugby. We did indulge in some nachos and chips, but I was adamant we had dinner at home.

For dinner tonight, I made caramel chicken, a recipe from Bill Granger’s Open Kitchen.  This is a quick and easy recipe and would be perfect for a weeknight dinner.

 The flavours are very simple and clean, balanced by the caramelised chicken and sauce.  The broccolini adds a good touch of crunchy green to the dish.

On an unrelated note, our neighbour’s cat from 2 doors down always pops by for a quick visit.  I managed to snap this shot of him today.

Hello, what’s for tea?


One thought on “Caramel chicken and broccolini

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