Spaghetti pepperonata

It is no secret that Bill Granger is my food hero, followed by Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa).  Pre Bill and Ina, I used to watch a lot of Jamie Oliver’s programs on telly and bought 3 of his books.  I do read them from time to time, and last night, I found a simple pasta recipe in Jamie’s Dinners which I thought I’d try for lunch today. So, while waiting for Hubby’s lamb shanks to cook, I made Spaghetti Pepperonata. I modified the recipe for quantity and left out creme fraiche.

Hubby, my official food critic and food taster gave this dish the thumbs up. I think I would have liked some greens in the pasta, maybe a handful of rocket leaves to balance out the flavours of the peppers. Still, a very tasty dish, which serves as a reminder for why I invested in Jamie’s books in the first place.


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