Tom Baxter at the Tabernacle

We went to see Tom Baxter at the Tabernacle last night. Hubby is a big fan, and we’ve seen him perform at the London Itunes Festival in Koko,Camden and Boogaloo around 2 years ago. Hubby says Tom’s voice reminds him of Jeff Buckley.

The Tabernacle is a lovely, cosy venue in Notting Hill. We had dinner nearby and went in to watch the support acts, Vashti Anna (Tom’s sister) and Murray Lachlan Young (a comedian). Both were good and entertaining, and the crowd responded quite well to Murray’s poems.

Tom came on stage just after 8.30pm or so. He explained that he had taken some time out for travelling and spent time in India.  His songs for the night were a mixture of those from his two albums and some new material. I recognised some songs from when Hubby played Tom’s CDs at home, namely Day in Verona,  Night Like This, Tell Her Today, Skybound,  and if the person who left a comment on the Swell Season post is reading  this, Tom sang Better, said person’s wedding song. 

You could tell that the crowd just loved his music, and he came across as a really nice guy. At one point he explained that he was single once again, and a girl beside me shouted ‘I’ll have ya’.  I think most girls there thought the same! The only downside to the gig was that it was stifling hot and so we spent the last 20 minutes at the bar, with a very good view of Tom. We left just before curfew and Tom was messing by saying he was going to sing The Locomotion. If he did, I’m sure he would have pulled it off. Nice guy, great music, fabulous voice. A good evening had.


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