Meal plan week commencing 29 November

I should be asleep considering I’ve an early start tomorrow morning for the DSA theory test, if it doesn’t snow. If it snows, then I’m going to give it a miss as the roads will be treacherous. Besides, they say in the theory book that you should only drive in bad conditions if your journey is absolutely necessary.

Given that we have a really cold weekend and week ahead of us, I think it would make sense to make only one good trip to the supermarket, which is why I’ve had to think about next week’s meal plan the night before a test.  I don’t live to drive. I live to eat.

  • Sat 27th – Teriyaki chicken and asparagus stir fry
  • Sunday 28th – Coq au vin
  • Monday 29th – Lamb massaman curry
  • Tuesday 30th – Leftover curry for Hubby, I have a work do to attend
  • Wednesday 1st – Dine out -Arcade Fire gig
  • Thursday 2nd – Baked risotto verde
  • Friday – Pan fried tuna and leftover risotto

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