a-ha – Ending on a High Note

We went to see a-ha perform their final gig in the UK at Wembley Arena tonight. Hubby organised the tickets as a birthday gift for me back in August.  It was a freezing cold night, and we braved -4 degrees to make our way to Wembley Arena.  We had stall seats, not as good as seats we had for Crowded House, but still with a decent view of the stage. We saw a-ha perform at the Camden Roundhouse as part of the Itunes Festival in June 2009, and when we found out they were hanging up their boots after 25 years, we didn’t want to miss their Ending on a High Note gig in London.

Their opening song was The Sun Always Shines on TV.  The guy behind me knew all the words. The crowd went wild for Morten Harket, who has such an amazing voice – the high notes he sang were just incredible.

The lights and graphics were amazing and relevant to the songs. The only downside was that the lights were blinding at times – I wish I could have borrowed Morten’s shades!

Notable songs, apart from those mentioned above were Scoundrel Days,  Forever Not Yours, Manhattan Skyline, Hunting High and Low, Stay on These Roads and Crying in the Rain.

The band thanked their fans for their support for the last 25 years – their career took off in London and with tonight’s farewell gig in Wembley, they had come full circle.  It was a bittersweet gig, a mixture of cool and funky tunes, tinged with sadness.  Their last 3 songs were Cry Wolf (the obligatory owwwwww, owwwwww was heard from the crowd), The Living Daylights (from the Bond movie. This song got everyone on their feet and singing the chorus) and the finale being the much anticipated Take On Me.

I’m glad their final song wasn’t Manhattan Skyline as it really would have felt like goodbye with all that waving we did! A-ha’s final stop is back in Norway.  As with any great band or singer, a-ha’s music will live on, and certainly will do so in our household as both Hubby and I are fans. 


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