Lack of posts…

The last week was a bit of struggle. The freezing cold weather and snowy conditions meant that it took extra time to get into work and back home.  Work has been extremely busy as well with year-end approaching, and still catching up from the 2 weeks off I had in November. We went to see Arcade Fire last Wednesday which was an early birthday gift for Hubby. I think he enjoyed it, but I don’t know much about their music to write a post on.

Yesterday, Saturday morning, was a good day. Hubby and I baked our first Christmas cake together. The cake is now wrapped up in several layers of foil and put away for 2 weeks. I will post photos and the recipe later.

Hubby has been complaining of chest pains for the past few weeks.  He was awake for most of last night, and woke me up to tell me he wasn’t feeling great and what number would one dial in the case of emergency.  We didn’t call for an ambulance, as Hubby said he was ok to drive, and we went to the nearest A&E at 7a.m.  Fortunately he got seen to within the hour.  The ECG reading turned out normal, but they sprayed some medication under his tongue, and gave him Codine and anti-inflammatory tablets. Within 2 minutes, Hubby clutched his tummy and said to the attending nurse that he wasn’t feeling well, and then leant forward with an awful groan and passed out right in front of my eyes.  Apparently the spray caused his blood pressure to drop. However he came round within a minute, and thankfully they had a bed free for him to rest on.  4 hours and another ECG reading later, they ruled out a heart attack and said it was possibly viral and the best thing to do was to see his GP.  Which is exactly what Hubby is going to do tomorrow.

I think the meal plan for the next week is going to feature simple, healthy food. We bought, chicken fillets, salmon and tuna steaks from M&S, organic squash and courgettes from the farmer’s market, and I have some broccoli and asparagus in the fridge.  I made Hubby chicken and carrot congee for dinner, and he is slowly getting his appetite back (he is eating a small bowl of ice-cream as I’m typing this).

A shaky start to the new week, but hopefully Hubby will get the all-clear, and be back on his feet soon.  Love you hun.


2 thoughts on “Lack of posts…

  1. Oh god, so sorry to hear of your Hubby’s health woes! Nothing worse than being worried about the health of a loved one, it really is the most stressful of things. Fingers crossed it was just a weird viral oddity. Those pesky viruses can do some crazy stuff.

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